Grand Opening is TOMORROW

Saturday from 5 to 8, join us at CFM to celebrate our Grand Opening and get to know your fellow members a little better. We’ll have some food, drinks and a DJ, and some of us will be going out to dinner afterward over at Steamhouse Lounge, so please join us. The more, the merrier!

The Quest for 500…27 to go!

If you’ve visited the CFM Facebook or YouTube pages, you know someone had the freaking awesome idea to do a dance to celebrate for every 100 Facebook fans we get. We’re 27 fans away from 500, and hoping to hit the big 500 milestone BEFORE SATURDAY night so we can make one big dance video of party guests doing the WOBBLE at the Grand Opening. PLEASE spread the word on Facebook, ask your friends to LIKE our page (if you go to the CFM page and click SHARE, you can post a status update spreading the word), AND THEN, learn the Wobble for Saturday. Here’s that video again:

Fran Challenge Prelims (NEW HEATS)

Sat 10 & 11am are the main heats. We prefer you do Fran then, BUT if Saturday AM doesn’t work for you, we’ll be running additional heats on Friday at 5:30 and 7pm (arrive at 5:30 or 7 to warm up…WOD ~6/7:30).
The sign-up sheet is in the box, or you can sign up here. EMAIL LIS TO CONFIRM YOUR HEAT, DIVISION AND T-SHIRT SIZE!

Recovery Day

Today is a recovery day for those who have trained hard all week and/or are doing Fran tomorrow. This will still be a great training day to work on mobility, recovery and some gymnastics skills. If you’re super sore, take it a little easier today. Feeling good? Get after it: push a little harder on the row and the AMRAP.

A few reminders to help your soreness & recovery –

  • Take a rest day every two to three days. You can still work on mobility on these days.
  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep in a COOL, DARK room.
  • Supplement with fish oil and magnesium to reduce soreness/decrease inflammation (Natural Calm or a magnesium citrate supplement will also help you sleep and keep you regular. Epsom salts baths are another great way to aid recovery w magnesium…active ingredient: magnesium sulfate).
  • DO NOT take pain killers like ibuprofen which wreak havoc on your body and inhibit muscle growth.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Post-workout nutrition: eating plenty of protein (about a gram per pound of bodyweight) will drastically help recovery and muscle growth. This is especially important immediately post-workout. Use a clean protein supplement within 45 minutes of finishing a WOD. My favorite is the SFH Recovery formula, which we sell in the Pro Shop in chocolate, vanilla and natural flavors. John from SFH is here this weekend with some samples of post-WOD protein and fish oil so check it out!


    Free Park WOD – Sun 10am. Meet at the Piedmont Park sand volleyball courts
    HOOVERBALL! – Sun 11am on the sand volleyball, er, HOOVERBALL courts.

    The mural is ALMOST finished. Thanks to our Melvin for helping to decorate the gym with your artwork!

    Workout of the Day

    Recovery Day
    Start with 10 minute easy row

    Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
    30 second Handstand hold
    30 second Squat hold
    30 second L-sit hold
    30 second Chin over bar hold

    Finish w 10 minutes mobility and foam rolling

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