Tues 05.29.12

Thanks to all the Memorial Day Murph-ers!

We had 13 people tackle Memorial Day Murph. Thanks to the drop-in visitors who donated, we raised $180 for the Wounded Warrior Project.


…are due tomorrow. If you already sent yours in, THANKS! You’ll hear back from Lis today. If you haven’t sent your goals in yet, DO IT! They’re due by midnight on Wednesday.

Carolyn tackles pike handstand push-ups.

Workout of the Day

A. 3 sets of 3 strict press
B. 3 sets of 5 back squat
C. 1000 meter row

6 thoughts on “Tues 05.29.12”

  1. Austin, we aren’t currently doing percentage work. Since we are all novice/intermediate level athletes, our 100% is always changing anyway.

    Today you’ll do three sets of three strict press. The third set should be the heaviest weight you can lift with good form for three reps.

    Same for back squat… three sets of five reps. Your third set should be a heavy 5.

    AKA this is your 3 rep max at Press for TODAY and your 5 rep max at Back Squat for TODAY

  2. Murph did not disappoint yesterday. Great to do it with a big group.

    WOD highlight was hearing Mr. Cochard “encouraging” Matt during the pullup, pushup, squat part of Murph.

    PostWOD hightlight was drinking a red, white and blue high life while James drank pet milk and ate a sweet potato.

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