WED 01.30.13 What are you training for?

What Are You Training For?

by Uran
I’ll be honest: I didn’t start asking myself this question until a few months ago. I liked working out, I liked CrossFit, and I thought that was enough. But for me, it wasn’t. Not having a clear idea of why I was coming to the gym beyond the nebulous desire “to be in shape” didn’t keep me focused.
So finally, I asked myself why I am training. I outlined what I hope to gain from my effort at CFM, and how much time I need to put in to get where I want to be. I also let go of all the unnecessary ideas I was hanging on to about why I should be working out and am focusing solely on myself and my desires. I know it might sound trite, but I actually wrote these things down, and that helped me to finally identify why I show up and push through difficult workouts EVEN when things aren’t feeling quite as bright and shiny as they once did.
So what are you training for?
Is it to compete in a local CF competition or maybe even the CrossFit Games?
Is it to improve your tennis game or your 5k time or to prepare for an obstacle run?
Is it to look and feel better in your own skin?
Or maybe to keep up with your kids and set a good example?
Whatever your goals are, decide what you need to do to get there and let go of whatever else might be holding you back.


Everywhere I turn, people are talking about this Sunday. We’ve been waiting MONTHS for this. No, I’m not talking about the Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Bowl in NOLA. An even bigger sports duo: Newly minted CF Coach John Dyer & double-under ninja Don Matz will tag-team coach the first Sunday WOD in CrossFit Midtown history. Join Coach Dyer for Open Gym from 12n-2p. THEN you can go watch the big game and enjoy the party grub without guilt.

Upcoming Events

Ayurveda workshop with Anna Russ: This Sat, Feb 2nd, 12n-2p. $20 for CFM members & $30 for guests. Read more & register here.
Quarterly Progress Checks: Don’t miss the week of Feb 4-8th at CFM! We’ll be retesting the Baseline, maxing on several lifts, and doing a few other benchmark workouts. AND OH YEAH: Goal setting! We’ll reflect on the past quarter and set some new goals to crush over the next three months.
Mardi Gras WOD: Fat Tuesday. February 12th. 8pm. This WOD is open to the public so bring a friend if you wish. It won’t count as one of your weekly visits. The Beginner’s class will be cancelled on Fat Tuesday, but everyone is welcome to join the party (all levels!) and LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULER! Beads & jello cocktails may or may not be provided.
8pm ROCKIN’ IT: Vanessa gets salty with the box jumps while Dyer & Dan F crush some thrusters (that’s Don in the background, dancing on the plyo box)

Workout of the Day (WOD)

Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes:
Odd rounds: 1 rope climb
Even rounds: 1 muscle-up OR 3 dips & 3 pull ups

And coming tomorrow…

Turkish Get-Ups: 60 Turkish get-ups (30 ea arm), not for time

13 thoughts on “WED 01.30.13 What are you training for?”

  1. Important Sunday Open Gym note for those of you on 3, 2, or 1 class per week plans: Open Gym on Sunday will count as your first class of the week. In other words, the CFM calendar for purposes of counting weekly classes starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. So, if you want to come in on Sunday, but have already used up your classes for this week, don't sweat it. Sunday starts a new week. So, come on in and have some fun. Nothing like starting off the week by kicking a little ass, even if it's your own.

  2. So Urán Piedra, as I posted your blog article last night, I found myself wondering… What IS Uran training for? You never told us in your post.
    It also made me wonder/decide what I'm training for… the answers are: I am training to do King Kong (CF WOD) Rx'ed by March 1. I am training for powerlifting meets on March 23 & April 20. I am training for Warrior Dash on April 13.

  3. Hahaha I guess I didn't. In the short term, I'm training to run the Atlanta Women's 5k with my sister on March 23 and training more consistently (and smarter) to strengthen my lower back and rehab some old aches and pains. Longer term, I plan to do another CrossFit team competition this fall with the badass members of CFM!

  4. Congrats to Jason Lupuloff on his first muscle-ups today. First he did two in warmups, then he followed up with, oh, say 15 MORE in the WOD. Video coming on tomorrow's blog. Booya 🙂

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