February 2020 Member of the Month, Bob Busby!

CrossFit Midtown is very excited to announce our our February 2020 Member of the Month, Bob Busby! He has been a member since February 2019 and has made some major gains and PR’s, made from dope friends, and has become a staple morning crew memeber! Read on to learn more about Bob and his CrossFit journey. Thank you for being such an outstanding member of the CFM community!
Bob completing DB step ups during the 2020 open.

Name: Robert L Busby
Nickname: Bob
Age: 58
Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

How did you get exposed to CrossFit?
A friend from work gave me a trial membership to Reebok Crossfit in Hilton Head back in 2015

What brought you to CrossFit Midtown?
When my wife and I moved from Buckhead to Midtown, I wanted a Crossfit gym that I could walk or ride my bike to.

Bob B. crushing some deadlifts.

What was your very first day at CrossFit Midtown like?
I was impressed with how nice the people are. Billy, Cary and Anne Marie, and Ester in the 6 am class were very welcoming!

What kind of changes have you you experienced since starting CrossFit that were completely unexpected (ie. new friends, “family”, the community, more self confidence, etc)?
I remember thinking how corny the “community” of Crossfit was before I started Crossfit. But it really is a community that shares a passion for fitness, friendly competition, and where great friendships are formed.

Tell us some of your recent accomplishments. What goals do you have for 2020!?
I did my first strict ring muscle-up last year. I want to work on and accomplish a bar muscle-up in 2020. Plus, I want to be smarter about my training – stretch more to avoid injury and get my elbows to point forward, instead of down, when I have the bar in the front rack position!

We all want to look like Bob when we grow up

What does your frequently used emoji tab look like? (screen shot and send it!)
I would screen shot it, but it includes purple unicorns, and I promise, I’ve never used one. My phone’s been hacked!

What is your favorite workout and if you could make up your own workout what would it be?
My favorite workout is the one I just finished! One of my favorite things about Crossfit is having the WOD planned by someone else. I appreciate not having to think about it. But throw in thrusters, pushups, and pullups and I’m happy.

What is your favorite cheat food/meal?
Pizza and craft beer.

He said he liked thrusters…

Favorite CrossFit Midtown moment (doesn’t have to be during a class, just any favorite moment at CFM)?
I really enjoyed participating in my first Crossfit Open at CFM this past year.

Hobbies, Talents and or Interests? What does a day in the life of Raymond look like outside of being a stud crossfitter?
Running/walking the Beltline, trying out new restaurants, visiting local breweries.

Just hanging out in the front rack

Advice for new CrossFitters
Embrace the suck. It’s good for you!

7th CFM Anniversary Party. We hope to see you at many, many more of these Bob!

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