October 2016 Member of the Month, Jeannette Brown

CrossFit Midtown is very excited to announce our October 2016 Member of the Month, Jeannette Brown! Read on to learn more about Jeanette and her CrossFit journey. Thank you for being such an outstanding member of the CFM community!


Name: Jeannette
Nickname: One-Upper 🙂
Age: 30
Hometown: Stuttgart, Germany

How did you get exposed to CrossFit? My first exposure to CrossFit was the day I walked into CFM in August 2014. I watched part of the WOD and scheduled an intro session with Mike.

What brought you to CrossFit Midtown? That summer two years ago I was at a point where I decided that I had to do something to counteract the effects a lot of beer and very little activity had made on my body. I was out at my neighborhood bar when I saw a group of very fit people there and decided I had to find out what was keeping them so fit. I asked one of the guys how he got so fit and the answer was CrossFit. Turns out the guy was Mike and he handed me a card of CFM and told me to come by to get started.

What was your very first day at CrossFit Midtown like? I don’t remember the workout itself, I just remember how bad I was hurting for about 7 days after! Weirdly enough, I enjoyed the pain (it was proof that I was doing something to get in shape) and decided I was ready for more!


What changes have you seen in your overall health and fitness level since starting CrossFit? I have lost a lot of body fat and replaced it with muscle! I can say with confidence that I currently am the strongest I have ever been! I never thought I would ever be able to do a pull-up and now I can do 6-7 strict pull-ups unbroken. I feel strong and that gives me a lot of confidence in my day to day life as well. The Lurong challenges have really helped me to be more informed about what I am eating and what foods I should be avoiding. I still love beer but I’ve learned to enjoy it occasionally instead of regularly 😉

What kind of changes have you you experienced since starting CrossFit that were completely unexpected? The community aspect of CrossFit, and specifically at CFM, has definitely been a surprise to me. The support that I have received from coaches as well as members has been the driving force for me and has motivated to come in even when there are overhead squats programmed for the day. I have met many great people through CrossFit and have made friends for life! I love the social events hosted at the gym and also the ladies nights we organize ourselves. There is nothing better than having a cheat meal with a group of strong ladies!


Favorite WOD: Anything short, heavy, without Burpees

Least favorite WOD: The 30 min EMOM we did in August: alternating rowing and burpees. This was the first time since I started CrossFit that I seriously considered giving up in the middle of a WOD.

Favorite CrossFit Midtown moment: My first strict pull up

Hobbies, Talents and or Interests Outside of CrossFit: I love watching and playing sports. When I’m not at CFM I’m most likely at some park/gym playing kickball, flag football, or volleyball. The weekends are for watching football. I’m also a big fan of mud runs and obstacle courses. If you have a race in mind just let me know and I will most likely sign up with you 🙂

Advice for new CrossFitters: Don’t ever give up! Keep training and eventually you get where you want to be. And very important: All injuries can be prevented by listening to the coaches and knowing your own limits.


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