TUES 12.18.12 P-LANE Athlete Profile

Athlete Profile – P-LANE

Hometown: Born Texan–Atlanta raised
Age: 33
Occupation: Wholesale Employee Benefits Consultant
When did you start CrossFit?: May 14, 2012
When did you join CFM?: The week before they opened. I attended CFM’s first-ever class!
Favorite WOD: anything power cleany
Least Favorite WOD: FRAN or similar cough-inducing moments of Hell.
Three words to describe you: Fun, Honest and Loyal–all to a fault.
Tell us about your sports & fitness background: High School Football taught me that above average athletic ability, a ton of heart, and a bunch of hard work could earn you one of the finest spots on the bench at one of the best high school football programs in Georgia–but also, later learned, that being part of that team taught me a lethal blend of how to be a winner and charming humility that has brought me much success and happiness in life.
From there I soared to become the timeless anecdote of my fraternity softball team; learning at bat (while holding a bat for the first time since third grade) that intramural softball has only two strikes and that ‘taking a pitch’ wasn’t really a good game plan.
Following my rise to collegiate intramural sports, I searched for my athletic self in CrossFit predecessors like UGA Army R.O.T.C.. Excelling, and resulting in some of the cadre’s fastest disassembly/reassembly times of an m16 and speed times for assembling a rope bridge, I was also noted as one of the slowest on foot especially amongst those who appeared to be even moderately in shape (who wasn’t in shape in college?).
Realizing mounting tensions in foreign policy and my distaste for bullets flying in my general direction, I appreciatively thanked those serving our country and decided I’d rather dodge the sting of rejected sales in the civilian world. And here I am ten years later…
How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? After trying one WOD in Charlotte, not long before being relocated to Atlanta, I could tell I’d lost sight of an accurate self-perception of my then physical prowess but remember thinking, “this could be cool–if I liked the way dying felt”.
Take us back to your first WOD… what was it, and how did it feel?My only WOD in Charlotte was an incredible time-stamp of self suck! As I boastfully entered the gym with my female neighbors–fellow wine club members and also fellow yogis who’d invited me–I saw the weight racks and thought–“I got this.”…a mental throwback to my days as a back up defensive lineman.
What a great testament to the delusion of the male psyche. I thought, “yeah I can hang with these gals in hot yoga–I’ll crush ’em in the gym.”
Enter team WOD: exit my ego. That WOD included all the items I thought I had mastered (albeit ten years earlier and prior to thousands of poor diet choices that followed). Those neighbors of mine covered my failed reps and undone sets as I heaved to catch my breath and melted into pools of sweat. It was a wake up call I slammed to voicemail; not to be acknowledged until nearly a year later when I relocated back to Atlanta and heard Lis, a dear friend from college, was opening her own gym.
What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CF (before/after)? Feeling in-control of my health, and my body and how it looks, for first time in years. The re-discovery of my Adam’s Apple! Lowering body fat to under 30%, then to under 25%, and beyond that to normal ranges for any male.
What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit that were totally unexpected? Making transition from thinking about diet food to a change in lifestyle around food. Learning Paleo–discovering how I’d been ‘starving’ myself with the wrong diet and how MORE of the right stuff means LESS of me.
Please share with us any favorite CrossFit / CFM moments: Forgotten gym clothes + slacks + scissors + deadlifts = Caveman WOD
Any advice for people just getting started? Give yourself the chance to be amazed with the positive attitudes and unexpected cheerleaders you’ll find; even during workouts where you are sure no one, even yourself, could be proud of how you are doing.
What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit? Friends and Family, anything automobile, avid whistler, and master general of overly drawn out stories
What did you eat today? Eggs fried medium-2, Order of bacon-2, Sliced tomatoes; Grilled chicken mixed greens salad; Grilled chicken spinach salad; A couple vodka sodas
Do you follow the paleo or primal lifestyle? What is your nutrition philosophy? Yes! Give it a shot– learn your body and you’ll be amazed at how things you thought weren’t a a good fit for your body aren’t actually a problem at all.
Previous daily heartburn medicine needed, suspected lactose disagreements have proven to be more likely a gluten allergy with little issue surrounding dairy, no heartburn ever –except when indulging on gluten.

Holiday schedule

This week CFM will hold all classes as regularly scheduled, including Class #4 of our gymnastics series tomorrow night at 8 with Aimee, and yoga on Thursday night at 8:15 with Monica. Next week, we’ll close a few days for the holidays, and run a skeleton schedule in between, so that Lis can take a week off to visit family and take a short vacation.
Next week’s schedule:
Mon, 12/24 Christmas Eve – Closed
Tues, 12/25 Christmas – Closed
Wed, 12/26 – classes at 12n & 6pm ONLY
Thurs, 12/27 – classes at 12n & 6pm ONLY
Fri, 12/28 – classes at 12n & 6pm ONLY
Sat, 12/29 – Open gym 10a-12noon
Mon, 12/31 New Years Eve – Closed
Tues, 1/1 New Years Day – Closed
Wed, 1/2 – Return to regular schedule

Holiday training specials with Lindsay

Good through the 31st! Many of you have met crazy Lindsay B, who will soon become part of the CFM coaching staff. I first met Lindsay when we worked together as trainers at FitWit. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Lindsay is a personal trainer, former UNC track star and child gymnast.
This holiday season CFM is offering special one-on-one training packages with Lindsay. Work with Lindsay on your CrossFit basics, gymnastics or track/running skillwork. All packages include a preliminary email consultation and goal-setting. These packages can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for anyone (someone curious about CrossFit but leery of hopping right into group classes, perhaps???).
Packages are $200 for 8 one-hour sessions, $250 for 12 one-hour sessions, and $300 for 16 one-hour sessions. Email us for more details.

Workout of the Day:

A. Max effort box jump in 15min
B. Hang Power Clean 3 sets of 5, rest 2min
C. 5 rounds for time:
6 hang power cleans 95#/65#
9 burpees

And coming tomorrow…

A. Back Squat: 5 sets of 4-5 @3010, 3min rest
B. 60 Turkish Get Ups (not for time)

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  1. Brianne Elaine Verraneault

    Patrick Lane – <3 the athlete profile! "This could be cool–if I liked the way dying felt" – best quote ever. PS: Lis Saunders I didn't know you two have been friends since college. Always fun to learn new things about other members!

  2. YO CFMers – do me a big favor if you're sick… AND STAY HOME! The -itis is going around thanks to several of you sharing your germs at the gym. If you don't feel well and insist on sweating, please take it outdoors instead!

  3. YO CFMers – do me a big favor if you're sick… AND STAY HOME! The -itis is going around thanks to several of you sharing your germs at the gym. If you don't feel well and insist on sweating, please take it outdoors instead!

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