WED 11.28.12 The Sayers of Nay

The Sayers of Nay

by Coach Jeremy
For those of you making big life changes with CrossFit and the Paleo diet, reinvention is hard–not just for you but for those around you. You’ll hear, “You’re doing what?”… “You’re eating how?”… “That’s not good for you!”… and so on.
So why are people so resistant to your transformation? You’re the one putting in work. They’re not waking up early to hit the gym before work, or turning down the company-sponsored bagel breakfast. You are. You’re putting in work, and a lot of it, which can create mixed emotions for those around you.
Part of the resistance you see is from people genuinely concerned with your well-being. But the overwhelmingly salient reason people resist your reinvention is fear–fear of losing you. Look at cultures and family. The underpinnings of these structures lie in language and food, and you just changed both.
You’re pumped about doing Fran and your heavy snatch and your grass-fed, lettuce-wrapped burger. Who ARE you?
So, how should you deal with this? The easy way is just to stop. Quit CrossFitting. Eat the Standard American Diet.
But nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Reassure loved ones that you are still inherently you. CrossFit won’t change your political ideology or your religious beliefs. It will, however, make you a stronger, healthier and happier person.
You can only spend so much energy pleasing everyone. Just be yourself, and with time friends will accept these new ‘strange ways’ as part of you… just one of those things that makes you more lovable and quirky.

Yoga Thursday

Monica’s yoga class has been moved to Thursdays at 8:15pm. Join her tomorrow to stretch those sore muscles and work on mobility, balance and mental focus.

CFM Holiday Party IN TEN DAYS!

Ten days left! Uran & Dyer are recruiting a few more elves to help them with final party plans, decorations, playlists and set up. Post in the comments below if you can help. JUST WHEN IS THIS AWESOME PARTY, you ask? Why it’s next Saturday from 7 to 10 pm, right here at CFM. We’ll provide the main course and beverages. You bring your favorite appetizer or dessert to share (paleo optional!).
Handstand drills in last night’s gymnastics class.

Workout of the Day

A. Push Press: In 8 minutes, build to heavy set of 5
B. Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes:
On odd minutes, do 1 muscle up & 3 ring dips OR 3 supine ring rows and 3 ring dips.
On even minutes, do 5 med ball slams.

14 thoughts on “WED 11.28.12 The Sayers of Nay”

  1. Yeah, so 3 weeks off, mixed in with some extra drinking and holiday eating and after the past two days of front squats & deadlifts I'm walking like the first time I did CrossFit over 3 years ago. Note to self: a 3-week "deload" is not advised. I'm afraid to get up from my desk for fear of falling over and/or people looking at me because I'm walking funny. Thanks Lis, looking forward to MUs today.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! Day off to a great start – wife and kids made me a man-sized plate of bacon, eggs and, of course, coffee for breakfast.

  3. Ummmm, Levy, I think he's only got you by a few years. Not to mention how much the SEC Championship is going to age you this weekend w the stress of watching UGA take Bama behind the woodshed for a good ole fashioned beatdown.

  4. Oh Lis, all of those heavy squats are starting to play tricks on your brain or something. #1, I'm just a youngin! And #2, after the beatdown UGA receives on the FIELD this Saturday, the only thing they'll be doing behind the woodshed is sulking! Well, that and 100 burpees.

  5. Awesome post, Jeremy. I think I can help with the party although I'm not sure how long the lunch I have to be at will go. I'll let you all know in a few days.

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