A. 3 x 1:00 Row @ 60%, 80%, 100%


C. FOR FORM (not for time)

10, 9, 8…3, 2, 1 Dynamic Push Up

1, 2, 3…8, 9, 10 Supine Ring Pull Up OR Ring Row

Dynamic Push Ups:

The adorable Olivia, climbing on post-WOD Daddy (Dyer)

Don’t I come here to check out?

During yesterday’s shuttle runs I told Geoff and Alison they had to calculate their interval times during their rest break.
They joked with me about having to do math during the WOD.
“Don’t I come here to check out?” asked Geoff.
The answer is no. Maybe in your globo gym day you put on your headphones, hopped on the treadmill or elliptical, and stared at the TVs, tuning out as the minutes passed until your cardio was done.
At CrossFit Midtown, you’re here to learn and improve as an athlete. So don’t plan on “checking out” while you’re here. YES, we want you to leave work/stress/family life/etc at the door, but you do need to focus.
Be present. Focus on the skills we’re working on that day, and devote this time to improving your health and fitness. And keep up the great work!

10 thoughts on “5.16.12”

  1. Vabs, did you make your lady friend climb the rope last night?

    Thanks for the pic, Lis! This is proof that that girl is trying to kill me. She saw me weak on the floor and moved in for a scissor lock on my neck.

  2. Great job yesterday everyone!

    REST DAY for me but I will be in to coach the 5 & 6 pm classes this evening.

  3. Levy – I am following the programming! I am doing the 5 or 6 pm classes everyday. When are you actually going to use your membership?

    Dyer – She and I never made it back. I did the 5 pm yesterday, and had to go pick her up in NEWNAN! So logistically it didn’t work out. But she owes me, so her punishment is to try crossfit sometime.

    Dan and Matt are pushing my limits that’s for sure. Thanks for the help guys! OH and you too Lis 🙂

  4. The lady friend never showed her face. I have a feeling she’s going to be like the mysterious Christine Dyer. Just when we’re convinced she doesn’t actually exist, TADA! He produces a body.

  5. Dan won that war with a :17 score…your score was the slowest of your 8 times. Matt and Dan each posted :15s, which were the best times of the day … EVEN beating James Taylor who did a guest rep at :16, but wasn’t warmed up. He thinks he can do better.

  6. Vabs, had to cancel my intro last week for a last minute work trip. Trying to schedule again this weekend so I can officially start. Will be evening classes for sure during the week, but mostly weekend classes due to work travel.

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