FRI 12.14.12 Bring a Friend to Animal Warm-Up Friday!

Bring-a-Friend Days continue!

THIS IS THE WEEK your friends and family have been waiting for!!! Bring-A-Friend days continue today and Saturday. Bring a friend along to any class. These classes won’t be capped and your class limits don’t apply this week IF YOU BRING A FRIEND. That’s right! You can earn a few extra visits this week if you bring a friend along to a Thurs, Fri and/or Sat class.
You get to be the host/hostess for your friend on these days, which means:
a) please get here early to grab a nametag and get your guest his/her waiver
b) you have to join your buddy for the class they attend
c) you can only bring one friend per class.
The WODs on these days are scalable/doable for all levels. Today we have another partner WOD and Saturday’s WOD is a four-person team workout.

CFM Supper Club is tonight at Urban Pl8

Join your CFM buddies for dinner tonight at Urban Pl8 on the Westside at 8pm. We have two more spots for dinner, so please RSVP on the Facebook event page if you can join us.

Eat Clean January!

For the month of January, several of us at CFM are vowing to stick to a strict paleo diet. That’s right… no grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, booze… we’re embarking on a Whole 30 to detox from all this holiday eating! Get ready for our January Whole 30! We’ll host awesome events like a free Food as Fuel event on Sat, Jan 5th to discuss your challenges/questions after the first few days, a paleo potluck and a paleo meal swap… as well as a Facebook “support group” to share recipes & tips and regular deliveries to the box from Tink’s Grass Fed Beef (& pastured pork) & Urban pL8 (paleo meal delivery)!
Tirzah, Brianne and Carlos at last week’s AAL team competition

Workout of the Day

Partner WOD Part A3 rounds each:
Partner 1 (P1): complete 20 kettlebell or dumbbell presses per arm
Partner 2 (P2): Rest
Switch. Each partner does three rounds of 20 presses each arm.
Partner WOD Part B8 rounds for time:
P1 – 15 box jumps, 10 pushups, 15 air squats
P2 – Rest
P2 – 15 box jumps, 10 pushups, 15 air squats
P1 – Rest

And coming tomorrow…

Team WOD: Teams of four – each teammate will each start at a different station and rotate until each teammate visits every station. You cannot move to the next station until all teammates are done at their other stations.
1. 500m Row
2. 40 wall balls 20/14
3. 50 kb swings 53/35
4. 30 burpees

Example: Fred, Ellen, Catie and Peter are on a team. Fred starts on the row, Ellen starts on wall balls, Catie starts on kettlebell swings and Peter starts on burpees. Everyone completes their reps/distance. Once all teammates complete their reps, everyone rotates to the next station. Rotations continue until everyone completes all four tasks.

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  1. Who's in for Eat Clean January with the The Whole30 | Whole9?
    Bring a Friend Days continue today & tomorrow… CFMers, bring your friends to join us for a partner WOD today and a team WOD tomorrow in any class!
    ONE MORE WEEK to bring in toys for our Toys for Tots Drive. Don't forget to pick up a new, unwrapped toy to donate by next Friday!

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