THURS 12.13.12 Bring-A-Friend Days are HERE!

“What’s surprised you most about the CFM community?”

Yesterday my friend Mike from CrossFit Media paid us a visit. He spent the day at CFM collecting footage & doing interviews for what hopefully turns into a story or two featured on the CrossFit Journal and/or the CrossFit Community sites. After Mike talked with Cam, Walter, Woody, Tirzah and Carlos, it was my turn for an interview.
Mike caught me off guard when he asked what it is that has surprised me most about our community at CFM, because I realized what an impact every member has made on me, personally.
Most people who fall in love with CrossFit start “drinking the Kool Aid” soon after joining their box… or once they begin to see great results… or once they transform their health by switching over to the paleo diet. They love it because soon after starting CrossFit, they realize it has changed their life for the better and they may never go back to old days on the elliptical machine and/or eating a Standard American Diet (SAD!).
I had that transformation once already, three and a half years ago when I started CrossFit. But now, CrossFit Midtown has changed my life again, as I am constantly struck speechless (yes. me. speechless. crazy, right?) at what we’re building here. I opened CrossFit Midtown to change lives, and here I am with a bunch of new friends too. I am inspired by each of you as you show up every day and make progress in the gym, and I am proud to be your coach. Thanks for believing in the CFM vision, and for enlisting us to help you take your health and fitness to the next level. Thanks for your pep talks and advice, motivation and coaching. Thanks to all of you for continuing to change my life.

Bring-a-Friend Days TODAY, Fri & Sat!

THIS IS THE WEEK your friends and family have been waiting for!!! We’re hosting our first Bring-A-Friend days today, tomorrow & Sat. Please bring a friend with you to any class (including YOGA with Monica tonight at 8!). These classes won’t be capped and your class limits don’t apply this week IF YOU BRING A FRIEND. That’s right! You can earn a few extra visits this week if you bring a friend along to your Thurs, Fri and/or Sat class.
You get to be the host/hostess for your friend on these days, which means:
a) please get here early to grab a nametag and get your guest his/her waiver
b) you have to join your buddy for the class they attend
c) you can only bring one friend per class. Got two friends who want to visit today? Well then you get to do TWO CLASSES today! That’s a lot of burpees… we can scale for you if you decide on a two-a-day. 🙂
The WODs on these days are scalable/doable for all levels. Today and tomorrow we’ll do partner WODs so you can work out with your friend. Saturday’s WOD is a four-person team workout.

CFM Supper Club Friday night at Urban Pl8

Join your CFM buddies for dinner tomorrow at Urban Pl8 on the Westside at 8pm. Please RSVP on the Facebook event page BY TODAY AT 5 if you can join us.

Holiday training specials with Lindsay

Many of you have met crazy Lindsay B, who will soon become part of the CFM coaching staff. I first met Lindsay when we worked together as trainers at FitWit. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Lindsay is a personal trainer, former UNC track star and child gymnast.
This holiday season CFM is offering special one-on-one training packages with Lindsay. Work with Lindsay on your CrossFit basics, gymnastics or track/running skillwork. All packages include a preliminary email consultation and goal-setting. These packages can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for anyone (someone curious about CrossFit but leery of hopping right into group classes, perhaps???).
Packages are $200 for 8 one-hour sessions, $250 for 12 one-hour sessions, and $300 for 16 one-hour sessions. Email us for more details.


Workout of the Day

A. Deadlift:4 sets of 4-6, rest 2min
B. Partner WOD:
Between the two of you, finish 120 total burpees as fast as possible.
Partner 1 (P1)- 6 burpees
Partner 2 – do kettlebell swings until P1 finishes 6 burpees. Then switch.
Complete a 2-burpee penalty each time the kettlebell touches the ground.
(max of 40 penalty burpees)

And coming tomorrow…

Partner WOD Part A3 rounds each:
Partner 1 (P1): complete 20 kettlebell or dumbbell presses per arm
Partner 2 (P2): Rest
Switch. Each partner does three rounds of 20 presses each arm.
Partner WOD Part B8 rounds for time:
P1 – 15 box jumps, 10 pushups, 15 air squats
P2 – Rest
P2 – 15 box jumps, 10 pushups, 15 air squats
P1 – Rest

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