WED 09.05.12

CFM FINALLY filmed the 600 fan dance. Help us get to 700 so we can convince Vabs & Alison to do an N*Sync video next!!!

Tink’s Grass-fed Beef & pastured pork delivery

Tink’s Grassfed Beef, a local Georgia farm, will be delivering today. Om noms.
***If you ordered, pick up the meat today between 4 & 9 pm. The meat will be delivered frozen and kept in the CFM fridge until you pick up.

Upcoming events

THIS FRI, 7 to 9 pm LADIES NIGHT at Fab’rikJoin your fellow CFMidtown ladies on Friday as our neighbors at Fab’rik host us for a shopping party. Even if you don’t plan to shop, join us for some good times outside the box with the girls!
Sat @ 12noon: Pre-WLC Huddle at CFM – we’ll chat for an hour to give you all the tools necessary to prepare you for the Whole Life Challenge kicking off in 10 DAYS! Post your questions to CFM’s WLC Facebook page and we’ll answer them Saturday (and on the page).
Sun @ 10am: HOOVERBALL at the Park – Hooverball Sundays continue at Piedmont Park. Join us from 10 until noonish. All experience levels are welcome.
Fri, 9/14, 7-9pm: NOT-Paleo Potluck at CFM – bring the food/drink you’ll miss the most during WLC. And pleeeeease bring enough to share with 6-8 people.
Sat, 9/15 @ 10am: WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE Prelims at Piedmont Park Meadow – ***CFM will be closed the morning of Saturday, 9/15. Join us at the park instead for a WOD at 10am. Even if you’re not doing WLC, come do the WOD! If you are doing WLC and can’t make it to prelims, let us know. Alternate times are being coordinated.
Sun, 9/16 @ 10am: HOOVERBALL at the Park
Sun, 9/23 @ 10am: HOOVERBALL at the Park
Sun, 9/30 @ 10am: FREE COMMUNITY WOD at the Park – The lululemon WOD is taking a month off, so this time we’ll head to the park! Join your fellow CFMers, friends, family and anyone else who wants to come play, as we meet in the Piedmont Park active oval for a free WOD at 10am followed by… that’s right… HOOOOOOOVERBALL!
Sun, 9/30 @ 5:30pm: 10th & Flow – join lululemon for a HUGE yoga event in Piedmont Park

Untied shoes be damned! Dale didn’t let that stop him, as he kicked off his untied shoe to finish his jump rope reps on Friday. Mad focus.

Workout of the Day

A1. Front Squat 10-8-6, rest 1min
A2. Deadlift 12-12-12, rest 2min

B. 6 rounds
10 burpees AFAP
150m run/row/30sec AD
4min rest

Alternate between A1 & A2 until all sets are complete, then move on to B. In this case, do 10 reps front squat, rest 1 minute, do 12 reps deadlift, rest 2 minutes, do 8 reps front squat, rest 1 minute, do 12 reps deadlift… and so on.
Increase weight on front squat. Do sets across AKA keep same weight on deadlifts.

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  1. Lis or anyone else – Do you know anything about Crossfit Portsmouth? Have a friend looking to join there.

  2. THE BEEF IS HERE! Jeremy Russie, Bridget Rierson Massengill, Brianne Elaine Verraneault, Courtney Moore COME AND GET IT! 🙂 And for anyone who missed the Tink's delivery this time around:
    1) Whole Foods is having a one-day sale this Fri on grass-fed ground beef for $4.99/lb.
    2) Tink's is willing to deliver to us regularly! They visit the Decatur Farmer's Market every two weeks, so if you'd like to place an order, they'll come back in two weeks. Just email with your order!

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