THURS 09.06.12

September classes

The class schedule will remain as is for the month of September… that means the Mon & Wed 8pm and Fri 4pm classes are here to stay as long as attendance is good!
Also note: Next Saturday, September 15 is the Whole Life Challenge Prelims event at Piedmont Park’s meadow. CFM WILL BE CLOSED on the morning of Saturday, Sept 15 for this event BUT whether you’re participating in the Whole Life Challenge or not, you’re welcome to join us at the park for a WOD. Meet near Park Tavern (closest to intersection of Monroe & 10th) in the Piedmont Park meadow at 10am.

Upcoming events

THIS FRI, 7 to 9 pm LADIES NIGHT at Fab’rikJoin your fellow CFMidtown ladies on Friday as our neighbors at Fab’rik host us for a shopping party. Even if you don’t plan to shop, join us for some good times outside the box with the girls!
Sat @ 12noon: Pre-WLC Huddle at CFM – we’ll chat for an hour to give you all the tools necessary to prepare you for the Whole Life Challenge kicking off in 10 DAYS! Post your questions to CFM’s WLC Facebook page and we’ll answer them Saturday (and on the page).
Sun @ 10am: HOOVERBALL at the Park – Hooverball Sundays continue at Piedmont Park. Join us from 10 until noonish. All experience levels are welcome.
Fri, 9/14, 7-9pm: NOT-Paleo Potluck at CFM – bring the food/drink you’ll miss the most during WLC. And pleeeeease bring enough to share with 6-8 people.
Sat, 9/15 @ 10am: WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE Prelims at Piedmont Park Meadow – ***CFM will be closed the morning of Saturday, 9/15. Join us at the park instead for a WOD at 10am. Even if you’re not doing WLC, come do the WOD! If you are doing WLC and can’t make it to prelims, let us know. Alternate times are being coordinated.
Sun, 9/16 @ 10am: HOOVERBALL at the Park
Sun, 9/23 @ 10am: HOOVERBALL at the Park
Sun, 9/30 @ 10am: FREE COMMUNITY WOD at the Park – The lululemon WOD is taking a month off, so this time we’ll head to the park! Join your fellow CFMers, friends, family and anyone else who wants to come play, as we meet in the Piedmont Park active oval for a free WOD at 10am followed by… that’s right… HOOOOOOOVERBALL!
Sun, 9/30 @ 5:30pm: 10th & Flow – join lululemon for a HUGE yoga event in Piedmont Park

Tink’s Grass-fed Beef & pastured pork REGULAR delivery

Thanks to everyone who ordered from Tink’s this week, we had a big enough order that they’re willing to make regular deliveries to us! They’ll deliver every two weeks on Wednesday, so if you’re interested, check out the price list below and email to place your order by Tuesday (the day before delivery) at 5. If you order, you MUST leave a check at CFM in advance or arrange CC payment with the farm.

Workout of the Day

A1. HSPU at 40X1 x2, 30sec rest
A2. Strict Pullups at 40X1 x2, 1min rest
(5 sets)

B1. Weighted Back Ext x8, 30sec rest
B2. Strict Toes to Bar x8, 1min rest
(5 sets)

C. 4-3-2-1 Rope Climbs
w/2pd/1.5pd Farmer’s Walks

3 thoughts on “THURS 09.06.12”

  1. Sorry bout the late blog posts this week, guys. I've been feeling a little under the weather but thanks to lots of sleep and mega-doses of vit B, C and agua, I'm baaaaaa-aaaack….just in time for Animal Warm-Up Friday and Ladies Night. And the Dawgs SEC opener and the Bucs season opener. YAY FOOTBALL!

    After his workout at 6am, Adrian said this WOD should be called Get a Grip. 🙂 Don't forget your knee socks!

  2. In case anyone is wondering, I don't mean that to imply that you shouldn't do the rope climbs. just bring knee socks (or thigh socks would have been good for me) and be careful!

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