FRI 05.04.18 May The 4th Be With You!

“Do or do not!” Yoda T-shirt

Today’s schedule

6a: All Levels CrossFit- Ellen
7a: All Levels CrossFit- Ellen
8a: Open Gym- Ellen
12n: All Levels CrossFit- Erica
4p: Open Gym- Brianna
5p: All Levels CrossFit- Brianna
6p: All Levels CrossFit- Brianna

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Sumo Deadlift
Accumulate 30 seconds of Hollow hold after each set of sumo deadlift

30 Double Unders
15 Wallballs (20/14)
30 Double Unders
15 KB Swings (53/35)

Post load for Final set of Eight Sumo Deadlifts, and rounds plus reps for the WOD:
Ex. 405, 3+45 RX

And coming Saturday…

Partner WOD
Stone Mountain

6 x 200m Run (relay style)
30 Power Clean (m = 95/115/135, w = 65/85/95)
40 Burpees
500m Row (each partner)
40 Burpees
30 Power Clean
6 x 200m Run

All reps are team totals. One partner working at a time.

Post time to complete WOD, Ex: 34:36 L3

Saturday Schedule

8a: Open Gym- Michael
9a: All Levels CrossFit- Michael
10a: All Levels CrossFit- Michael
11a: All Levels CrossFit- Michael
12:15p: Yoga- Monica Miller

And coming Sunday…

A. Bench Press
15 minutes to work up to a 3 RM

B. Sunday Funday [20 Minute Time Cap]
Bench Press (m = 75/95/135, w = 45/65/85)
Strict Pull-Up
20m Sled Pull Each Round (135/90)

Post weight for bench and time for WOD. Ex: 255#, 13:28 L3

Sunday Schedule

8:45a: Weightlifting- Anthony
10a: All Levels CrossFit- Neal
11a: Open Gym- Michael
12:15a: Yoga- Lana Wilson
5,6p: Open Gym- Neal

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