TUES 04.09.13 Time to register for Field Day


I am so thrilled at the community we’re building at CFM. And my goal for our community is not only to become fitter, stronger and healthier together, but also to do community service together.
That’s why we’re holding our first Strong4Life Field Day at Piedmont Park on Saturday, May 11th. Teams of 4 will compete in several fun events…tug-of-war, hooverball, team relay (wheelbarrow, sack race, dizzy bat & burpee leap frog) & skills challenge (softball throw, three-legged race & hula hoop contest). EVERY EVENT WILL HAVE A WINNER, so even if you hate Hooverball and plan to forfeit those games and instead sun yourself in the sand (ahem, ALISON) you might still have a shot at winning a prize for Best Costume! And really, eveyone wins in the competition for FUN TIMES & AWESOME KARMA.

So get in on the Field Day. First team to register wins $100 to spend at RiRa. So wait, lemme do the math for you… donate $100 to Strong4Life… get back $100 to spend at RiRa… carry the 1… ummm… THAT’S LIKE A BREAK EVEN!

So hurry up and register! More details & registration HERE! Once you make your donation, we’ll follow up to confirm team name & members.

Not sure who to team up with? Well allow me to give you some ideas (ps- we canned the one-girl-required-on-a-team rule, so all-male teams are now a GO…possibly with a handicap when matched up against females. And all ages are welcome):
Kerry & Co- Kerry & his lovely family
Team Panama Tan- Graham + hubby + the boys
Team TWINS – Molyson twins + Jason L + his twin sister
Big Guys – P Lane, J Herm, Dan F & Big Jim
Team Nooner – Jim H, David L, Brad, Kevin
Tha Broz – Cap, Calin, Ruff, Vicente
Festival-Goers – Ellen, Dave, Cary, Levy
Gators Wear Jean Shorts – Adam, Amanda, Arielle, Lee
Lemons – Lindsay, Nina, Don, someone else in stretchy pants

OMG, LIS, WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I’ll hit those peeps up right now to be on my team! …you’re welcome.

Jason L reppin’ CFM at the Tough Mudder. Congrats on surviving the race, Jason!

Workout of the Day

Every 4min for 4 rounds:
A1. 12-16 reps deadlift @2010 tempo, 15sec rest
A2. 10-12 reps dumbbell single-arm press L @3010 tempo, no rest
A3. 10-12 reps dumbbell single-arm press R @3010 tempo
Every 3min for 7 rounds:
B1. 3-4 reps Power Clean, 15sec rest
B2. 3-4 reps Close-grip Bench Press @11X1 tempo

And coming tomorrow…

A. Shoulder & core mobility & warm-up
B. Turkish get ups: 50 reps NOT FOR TIME

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