MON 04.08.13 The Open is over!

Congrats to all CFM athletes on completing the CrossFit Open!

CFM had 33 athletes participate in this year’s CrossFit Open, the first round of qualifying for the CrossFit Games. What an exciting five weeks!
So many personal records were set: Amanda PR’ed her jerk, Tirzah & Monica PR’ed clean & jerks (and did their first toes-to-bar), Ellen & Arielle got their first chest-to-bar pull ups, and 25+ athletes competed in their first CrossFit Open. Congrats to everyone on a great season!
This week’s top finishers were D-Lo (80), Matt C/REX (62), Dan W (58), Lis (57), Lindsay (57) & Krystol (56).
Check out the final CFM leaderboard here:

KRYSTOL KILLED IT! For her badass performance in the Open, she wins a $50 gift card to Ri-Ra. CONGRATS!
With a young community of athletes new to CrossFit, and others training inconsistently, no one from CFM will move on to the next round of competition. Team CFM will be competing in local events throughout the spring and summer, and we’ll start Competition team programming in the fall.
Training starts today for the 2014 CrossFit Open!

Flashback to Open WOD 13.4. Check out Monica getting her first reps of a 95# clean & jerk and first toes-to-bars!

Workout of the Day

Every 3min for 3 rounds:
A1. 8-10 reps barbell step-up L @1010 tempo, no rest
A2. 8-10 reps barbell step-up R @1010 tempo
B. As many rounds & reps as possible in 15min
40sec plank hold
20 box jump overs 24/20″
10 wall balls 20/14#

And coming tomorrow…

Every 4min for 4 rounds:
A1. 12-16 reps deadlift @2010 tempo, 15sec rest
A2. 10-12 reps dumbbell single-arm press L @3010 tempo, no rest
A3. 10-12 reps dumbbell single-arm press R @3010 tempo
Every 3min for 7 rounds:
B1. 3-4 reps Power Clean, 15sec rest
B2. 3-4 reps Close-grip Bench Press @11X1 tempo

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