FRI 11.29.13 Seasonal detox

Indulge a little too much yesterday?

Many people are waking up this morning feeling a little puffy, groggy, achy, hungover, etc, etc…So here are some ideas to help you get out of the post-Thanksgiving funk:
1. Get back on track with a healthy breakfast!
2. Get moving – do our holiday travel WOD or get to the box for the noon class today. Or just go for a walk, do some yoga, play with your dog/family, etc.
3. Drink more water – hydrating will help flush toxins from your system and reenergize you. Ever seen a plant wilt when it needs watering… we need it too!
4. Seasonal allergies? There are lots of natural remedies for seasonal allergies – try drinking the juice of one lemon mixed with warm water before bed & upon waking. Rinse your nasal passages with a neti-pot. And CUT OUT DAIRY (that’s the single biggest thing that eased my allergies and digestive problems. TRY IT!)

Weekend Schedule:

Friday – 12n Hero WOD with Tirzah
Saturday – 10a Team WOD with Carlos
Sunday – 12n CrossFit with Carlos
1-2p Open Gym with Carlos
6p Yoga with Monica

Workout of the Day (WOD)

“Tommy V”
21 thrusters 115/80#
12 rope climb
15 thruster
9 rope climb
9 thruster
6 rope climb

And coming tomorrow…

In teams of 4, complete 4 rounds*
Teammate 1 starts on wall climbs, then moves to power cleans. Teammate 2 can’t start wall climbs until Teammate 1 moves to power cleans. Teammate 3 must wait until Teammate 2 moves to power cleans to start wall climbs, and so on.
3 wall climbs
10 power cleans 95/65
20 box jumps 24/20
30 sit ups
40 double unders (or 120 singles)

Holiday Travel Workout

As many rounds & reps as possible in 15 minutes:
5 push ups
10 sit ups
15 squats

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