April 2019 Member of the Month, Billy Simons!

CrossFit Midtown is very excited to announce our April Member of the Month, Billy! Billy has been a member for almost a year, has made some major gains, some awesome friends, a joy to have in class, and has been an active person in the CFM community! Read on to learn more about Billy and his CrossFit journey. Thank you for being such an outstanding member of the CFM community!
Billy throwing sandbags during 31 Heroes

Name: Billy Simons
Nickname: N/A
Age: 35
Hometown: Ludlow, MA

How did you get exposed to CrossFit?
My wife (girlfriend at the time) got me a month membership to a CrossFit box near us in NYC. I had no interest and asked her if we could get a refund.

What brought you to CrossFit Midtown:
We moved to Atlanta last year and CFM was the closest box to our apartment. I dropped in at a few other gyms but I liked the grit (and proximity) at CFM.

Crazy Eyes and Overhead Squats

What was your very first day at CrossFit Midtown like?
I don’t remember a lot of the details but I remember Mike not laughing at any of my jokes. And it was much sweatier than the air conditioned place I had been going to before.

What kind of changes have you you experienced since starting CrossFit that were completely unexpected?
I had never really thought of myself as an athlete before CF. While that is fun in and of itself, I also like that I feel like I’m getting in better shape all the time and that my goal is fitness and performance rather than aesthetics. I’m pretty sure I was just doing curls, benchpress and jumprope for the 10 years prior to finding Crossfit.

Tell us some of your recent accomplishments. What goals do you have for 2019!?
A1) I don’t know if it’s an accomplishment, but we’re pregnant with our first baby! A2) After 10 years in commercial real estate, I left to start my own creative business. A3) I wrote, recorded and released a new album of original music in 2018. A4) I’ve gotten very comfortable bragging 😉 B1) Learn how to balance being a dad with running my own business and dealing with my CF addiction. B2) Write another album or publish another children’s book B3) Start building my home garage gym.

Graveyard Games 2018 with the Wife!

What does your frequently used emoji tab look like?

What is your favorite workout and if you could make up your own workout what would it be?
I like anything with DUs, HSPUs and pullups. When I left CFNY, a group of us did a farewell WOD that I made up that was fun and awful:

6 Rounds:
9 burpees
9 hang cleans
9 pullups
9 pushups
9 thrusters
w/ 20 lb. vest

What is your favorite cheat food/meal?
Dominos medium pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and extra cheese.

Favorite CrossFit Midtown moment
Valentine’s Day with Coach Travis.

The Bromance

Hobbies, Talents and or Interests Outside of CrossFit:
I like to create things – I draw and paint. I play guitar and banjo and a little piano. I write songs and kids books.

Advice for new CrossFitters
Take days off!

Thrusters during 31 Heroes

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