THURS – 07.12.12

Welcome to Colman, Taylor, Dermot and Paul!

The CrossFit Games continue this weekend!

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Hydrostatic Body Composition testing is Mon, July 30

For everyone who wants to “lose weight,” LISTEN UP. Your scale weight means NOTHING. As you get into CrossFit, your body composition will begin to change as you lose fat and gain muscle. These changes aren’t always reflected on the scale, so we’re bringing in the Mobile Hydrostatic Body Composition unit to give you a good measuring point. Every two to three months, we’ll schedule another testing day so you can track your progress.
What should I expect? This big truck will come park behind the gym. You’ll enter the truck, check in with Bali, and use the changing room to change into a swimsuit. Then you’ll be weighed. There’s a large bathtub on-board the truck, which you will dunk yourself in three times as the computer takes a reading of your body composition. Then you’ll dry off and Bali will give you a printed report and discuss your results with you.
How do I sign up? Email Sam to schedule your appointment or sign up in the gym. Appointments take 10 minutes. We have availability every 10 minutes from 4pm until 7pm. The test is $30. You can pay with your CC on file, cash or check (payable to CrossFit Midtown). More info about hydrostatic body composition testing.

Scott, Rachel and Geoff on Part 1 of Jackie.

Workout of the Day

1. 3×5 OHS

2. Intro/Review Snatch (Beginners- Hang Power Snatch)
15 minutes to heavy snatch single

3. Optional cash out: Tabata sit ups

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