FRI 08.09.13 Protect those heel cords!

Heel cord mobility

by Coach Khaki
Every so often we hear a horror story about box jumps or running causing a ruptured Achilles tendon (or heel cord). It sounds awful!
So, what can we do to prevent that?
For starters, we need to make sure that we maintain a flexible heel cord. This helps us not only avoid injuries like mentioned already, but also helps us to achieve a better squat position, which translates nicely into our Olympic lifts.
Check out this video by K-star, give this a try (yeah, it hurts, I know), and see how much better those squats get:

IMG_7268Mary & Arielle crushing Helen Prelims. Who will improve most and win prizes on Saturday at the Finals Party? Thanks to our prize donors Vita-Coco, Big Peach Running Company – Midtown, Parq, The Nook, Rira & CFM student Vanessa/pink80sgirl for donating prizes!

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Bench press: 5-5-5+ @ 70%
B. “Cindy”
As many rounds as possible in 20 mins:
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

And coming tomorrow…

Team WOD at 9a & 10a
TO HELEN BACK FINALS at 11a! Join us at 12n for the Awards & Finals Party! Like your finals parties in college. Only with sweet potato chips.

Sunday WOD

12:00 WOD:
10 power clean and jerk @ 60% 1RM
10 dips
90 yard shuttle sprint (15 yards out and back, then 30 yards out and back)
8 power clean and jerk – same weight
8 dips
90 yard shuttle
6 Power clean and jerk
6 dips
90 yard shuttle
4 Power clean and jerk
4 dips
90 yard shuttle
2 Power clean and jerk
2 dips
90 yard shuttle

1:00 TO 2:00 OPEN GYM

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