MON 08.27.12

Labor Day Weekend

CFM is open for Labor Day… please check out the following schedule updates:
Saturday, September 1 – regular scheduled classes at 10 & 11 am
Sunday, September 2 – Hooverball at 10 am, Piedmont Park sand volleyball courts
Monday, September 3 – regular classes cancelled. Join Jeremy for open gym from 10am-12noon.

Strength symmetry

Some background on the unilateral exercises we’re doing in the gym, from our programming consultant and Arizona vampire James:
Strength symmetry is desirable for reducing the risk of injury associated with high repetition of movement, as found in many CrossFit workouts. The reason symmetrically equivalent strength levels reduce injuries is that when imbalanced muscle groups work together, the stronger side will attempt to compensate for the weaker side, creating undesirable torque on the musculo-skeletal system. Imbalances in strength or range of motion between the right and left sides of the same muscle groups may never be fixed by barbell work alone due to continual overcompensation. Only when each set of muscles is exposed to the same stimulus over time can strength symmetry be achieved. The best way to ensure the same stimulus is to use single arm or single leg movements with the same amount of tension. The single-arm and single-leg movements that you implement into your training will help ensure that you come closer to strength symmetry and therefore reduce your overall risk of injury.

The gregarious Olivia has a new little brother now. Congrats to the Dyers on the birth of Samuel James on Saturday.

Workout of the Day

A. 2 Rounds:
15 front squats
Rest :30
15 weighted pullups OR weighted negatives
Rest 3 minutes

B. 5 sets: 300m row
Rest 4 minutes

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