THURS 6.28.12

Gym Rules

Reminder about the Gym Rules… for you fellas who complain about the sausage party up in here, how can we get more females to join if you won’t put the toilet seat down? DO IT. Also, clean up after yourself…this includes mopping up, returning equipment, and disposing of cups/water bottles. We now have a recycle bin in the hallway. Please use it.

Hooverball trumps the Park WOD 🙂

The Sunday park WOD has been cancelled until further notice, so that we can move Hooverball up an hour to avoid the heat. Join us Sundays at 10 am for Hooverball in the park. It’s lots of fun. Don’t forget to bring water, sunscreen and a towel. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll do a short pre-Hooverball warm up WOD.
We’ll still be offering regular free WODs with lululemon howell mill. Details are coming soon.

July 4th Holiday Schedule

CFM will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th. The 6 and 7 am classes will also be cancelled on Thursday, July 5th. All other classes next week will be held as regularly scheduled.
We’ll post a no-equipment-needed WOD on Tuesday in case you wish to get moving on your own on the 4th.

BEAST MODE: Zack attacks his 1RM back squat during CrossFit Total while our Ohio visitor Alyson looks on.

Workout of the Day

1. 15 minutes to work to a heavy clean & jerk
2. Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
3 power clean 135/95
5 kettlebell swings 2/1.5 pood

Post-WOD mobility: Wall stretch, 2 min each side

10 thoughts on “THURS 6.28.12”

  1. Fun workout today – but disappointing performance. If I don't clean and jerk at least 225 lbs by Labor Day I'm going to buy a couple cases of beer for the gym to share and a dozen eggs for Vabs to whip at my back.

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