FRI 09.07.12


…and we have an awesome weekend ahead of us.

LADIES NIGHT! I’m so excited to see so many strong athletes in the gym, especially the females! So tonight we’re having the first of many women’s group events. Join your fellow CFMidtown ladies on tonight from 7 to 9 as our neighbors at Fab’rik (three doors south of CFM) host us for a shopping party. Even if you don’t plan to shop, join us for some good times outside the box with the girls!
FELLAS, don’t feel too left out…I smell a Ri-Ra outing after Fab’rik. Come out to play!

And Sunday night kicks off our Instructor Training Program classes. Your CFM coaches and TEN! of our members will be meeting regularly over the next ten weeks to become better coaches, learn/prepare to become coaches, and build a stronger coaching team to lead our CFM athletes. Some of the ITP members will be helping out in classes starting next week, so keep an eye out!

Sat @ 12noon: Pre-WLC Huddle at CFM – we’ll chat for an hour to give you all the tools necessary to prepare you for the Whole Life Challenge kicking off in 10 DAYS! Post your questions to CFM’s WLC Facebook page and we’ll answer them Saturday (and on the page).
Sun @ 10am: HOOVERBALL at the Park – Hooverball Sundays continue at Piedmont Park. Join us from 10 until noonish. All experience levels are welcome.

And coming next weekend…

Fri, 9/14, 7-9pm: NOT-Paleo Potluck at CFM – bring the food/drink you’ll miss the most during WLC. And pleeeeease bring enough to share with 6-8 people.
Sat, 9/15 @ 10am: WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE Prelims at Piedmont Park Meadow – ***CFM will be closed the morning of Saturday, 9/15. Join us at the park instead for a WOD at 10am. Even if you’re not doing WLC, come do the WOD! If you are doing WLC and can’t make it to prelims, let us know. Alternate times are being coordinated.
Also note: Next Saturday, September 15 is the Whole Life Challenge Prelims event at Piedmont Park’s meadow. CFM WILL BE CLOSED on the morning of Saturday, Sept 15 for this event BUT whether you’re participating in the Whole Life Challenge or not, you’re welcome to join us at the park for a WOD. Meet near Park Tavern (closest to intersection of Monroe & 10th) in the Piedmont Park meadow at 10am.
Sun, 9/16 @ 10am: HOOVERBALL at the Park

Arielle, Robbie, Adam and Other Carlos warmin’ up.

Workout of the Day

A. Back Squat 10-8-6, rest 2:30

B. 10-1 unbroken thrusters 105/75
In other words, 10 thrusters in a row, rest as needed, 9 thrusters in a row, rest as needed, 8 in a row, rest as needed, and so on… and so forth…

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