MON 08.13.12 Quarterly Check-In Week!

Quarterly Check-In Week

I can’t believe CFM has already been open THREE MONTHS! Time has flown, and I’ve loved getting to know all of our students, seeing athletes make progress in the gym and watching the community grow. Three months in means it’s time for our FIRST EVER Quarterly Check-In Week.
One week each quarter, we hold quarterly check-ins. We’ll spend 10 minutes at the beginning of every class taking time to reflect on the past three months and set new goals for the upcoming quarter. We’ll also retest the Baseline WOD you did at your intro, test some benchmark WODs and work on skills that we’ll revisit during the next Quarterly Check-In week.
Use this week to look back and celebrate your accomplishments over the last three months. Give yourself a pat on the back. Many of you just started CrossFit in the last three months. That alone is a HUGE accomplishment!
This week you’ll also look ahead to the stronger, healthier athlete you plan to be in three months. Set goals and write action steps toward becoming that person. So get to the box this week and bring your A-GAME!!!

Whole Life Challenge registration opens Wednesday!

It just so happens that our next Quarterly Check-In week culminates with the Whole Life Challenge (WLC) finals. Registration for WLC opens Wednesday. Get in the game! Family and friends can play too. The Whole Life Challenge starts Saturday, September 15th with prelims when we’ll test a WOD and take measurements. In the eight weeks that follow, everyone will get awesomer at life as we log points daily based on exercise, mobility, nutrition, supplements and additional challenges. And on November 10th, we’ll have FINALS when we retest the prelims WOD, take final measurements AND GIVE OUT CASH & PRIZES for winners in several categories. More on that tomorrow…get excited!

Sam knocking out muscle-ups during Friday’s WOD: Amanda. Sam departs Sunday for Virginia Tech. He’s been a HUGE help at CFM as our summer intern, and we’ll miss him dearly. Thanks for everything, Sam. See you at Thanksgiving!

Workout of the Day

Warm Up & retest Baseline
STRENGTH: Take 10 minutes to find your 1RM weighted pull up.
TEST: For time –
250m row
15 KB swings 2/1.5 pood
25 burpees
15 KB swings 2/1.5 pood
250m row

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  1. I <3 my interns! Thanks for everything, Sam Freeman! And welcome to our new intern Courtney Moore who started today. I'm so grateful to you all (including star mom/intern Alicia Schulz) for helping CrossFit Midtown make Atlanta a stronger and healthier city!

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