TUES 10.15.12

You’ve got mail

Be on the lookout today for an email from CFM with a few updates and some BREAKING NEWS. Read it.

Hydrostatic body composition testing is Wednesday

Body composition testing has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 17 from 4 to 7pm. Sign up for your time slot (10 minute increments) at the box or by emailing Courtney. Bali has offered a complimentary test to those who were scheduled on the original day.

Jump Rope Seminar at CFM on Oct 20th

Molly Metz, world jump-rope champion and viral video legend (check out her video of 10-minutes non-stop double unders), is coming to CFM on Saturday, October 20 for a jump-rope workshop from 9 to 11 am. You’ll be a double under pro after she’s done with you. Cost is $45. Register here.

CFM’s 10 am class will relocate to Piedmont Park this Saturday (meet at the Active Oval gazebo), but the 11am class will be held at the box as regularly scheduled.

SAVE THE DATE: Halloween Glow Stick WOD is Wed, 10/31 at 8pm!

Jeremy & Lis celebrating the end of WOD 1 aka Worst AMRAP Ever at East vs West

Workout of the Day

A. Power snatch: 7 sets of 3, rest 2 min
B. 4 rounds for time: 25 pushups, 15 pullups

12 thoughts on “TUES 10.15.12”

  1. Brianne Elaine Verraneault

    Man – I am feeling yesterday's workout! Love being sore – feels like progress 🙂 Can't wait for the breaking news. I wish my life was as exciting as Lynn Suzanne- I would love to spend my days in state & local tax training.

    1. You can borrow my internal revenue code and accounting for income taxes guide anytime. i will NOT let go of my TI 83 Plus graphing calculator, ten key, or my sweet special addition p-dub laptop bag w/wheels. I am sorry, but I have to draw the line. #streetcred

    2. Brianne Elaine Verraneault

      Just the guide for income taxes? What about p-ships and s-corps? More importantly – p-ships who become s-corps and then switch back a year later. I really could've used a book on that when I got that return at my old job last busy season. Where were you when I needed you? Also – how about a book on 401ks??? You can keep your TI-83…I'm starting to doubt your so-called "streetcred" only b/c Texas Instruments came out with a TI-84 years ago. The new TI's aren't even numbered – they have names like 'nSpire' – your calculator can't even inspire you. Mine did – inspired me not to become a mathematician. Thank god I have my own 10 key – because your mother obviously didn't teach you that sharing is caring. But that doesn't surprise me – we did determine at Stooges on Saturday that I am indeed nicer than you are. #factsoflife PS: you'll obtain your street cred when you have a two time felon propose to you during your weekly visits to Dekalb County Jail. #I'mjus'sayin'

  2. Congrats to Urán on kicking into her first handstand last night (in her hotel room! Way to get some work in on the road!)… and to Adam on his first WOD w kipping pull ups and Levy on repping out his old 1RM snatch weight today!

    1. Uran, the neighbors just THOUGHT it was the headboard banging against the wall…little did they know you were upside down and it was your feet! Ha! Congrats!

    2. Heck yeah Adam and Levy! And yes, Lynn, this was CLEARLY the breaking news. Idk if youve ever seen me try to kick into a handstand but trust me, the success of this endeavor warrants an announcement.

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