TUES 12.11.12 Gymnastics Class #3 tonight!

Gymnastics & Yoga updates

Our 4-class gymnastics series continues tonight at 8pm. So far we worked on pistols, butterfly & kipping pull ups, headstand & handstand progressions, hollow position, splits & stretching. This class is full, so only those who RSVPed can attend.
BUT we’re hoping to offer two regular gymnastics classes (Level 1 & Level 2) starting in January. Please post in the comments if you’d attend a regular Tues or Thurs 8pm gymnastics class.
Yoga with Monica is on Thursday night at 8:15 pm. We have spare yoga mats if you need one. This class is also included in Bring-A-Friend Day, so get your buddies to join you for a stretch Thurs night!

Wednesday visitors

My friend Mike from CrossFit headquarters will be in town Wednesday and will be shooting some footage of the noon class, so come join the fun and show the rest of the CrossFit world how awesome our CFM community is!

Bring-a-Friend Days

THIS IS THE WEEK your friends and family have been waiting for!!! We’re hosting our first Bring-A-Friend days this week on Thurs, Fri & Sat. So you’re welcome to bring a friend with you to any class (including Thursday night yoga!). These classes won’t be capped and your class limits don’t apply this week IF YOU BRING A FRIEND (that’s right! you can earn a few extra visits this week if you bring a friend along to your Thurs, Fri and/or Sat class).
You get to be the host/hostess for your friend that day, which means:
a) please get here early to grab a nametag and get your guest his/her waiver
b) you have to join your buddy for the class they attend and
c) you can only bring one friend per class. Got two friends who want to visit on Thursday? Well then you get to do TWO CLASSES that day!
The WODs on these days are scalable/doable for all levels. On Thurs & Fri, we’ll do partner WODs so you can work out with your friend. Saturday’s WOD is a four-person team workout.
Carlos commandeers the Better-than-Sex cake Lindsay brought to CrossFitmas. He would later inhale three bowls of Colby’s green bean casserole.

Workout of the Day

A. Power Clean: Work to a heavy set of 5 in 15min
B. For time: 50 Front Squats.
Males use 75% of 1-rep max. Females use 85% of 1-rep max

And coming tomorrow…

A1. Press: 6-4-2 @2211, 2min rest
A2. Wtd Pullup: 5-3-1 @2112, 2min rest
B. 4 sets @97%:
15 kb swings
10 wall balls
Row 300m
rest 5min

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