04.26.13 Benchmark Friday…HELEN!

Dunk Truck next week!

The Dunk Truck will be here on Wednesday night, to test body composition. You’ll wear a swimsuit and get dunked into a giant bathtub (treated for sanitation/up to health code standards), then given your body weight and composition results. A report will be emailed to you. We’ll be bringing the Dunk Truck back every quarter to measure our progress!
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Open Gym is Sunday from 12n til 2p.

Spend the rainy weekend in the box! Come kick off Quarterly Progress Check week by getting your Baseline retested and hit one of next week’s benchmarks!

Emilio, P-Lane & Justin crushing the team WOD on Saturday Funday. Join the crew tomorrow for another fun team WOD!

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Goat work: 10 min to work on a skill of your choice
B. Every 3 min for 3 rounds:
B1. Dumbbell Kneeling torso row, 6-8 reps each side @3010 tempo, 15sec rest
B2. Dumbbell External rotation, 8-10 reps each side @3010 tempo
C. Helen:
3 rounds for time –
400m run
21 kettlebell swings
12 pull ups

And coming tomorrow…

In teams of 3 or 4, for time:
Row 3k
While 1 person is rowing, others work to complete:
100 box jump overs
200 kettlebell swings
100 burpees
200 air squats (to med ball target under the heinie)

Must complete box jump overs before moving on to kb swings, swings before burpees, burpees before air squats. Each team gets ONE ROWER, ONE BOX, TWO KETTLEBELLS… all can work at once for burpees & squats.

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