Paleo Night is tonight at Urban Pl8

Tonight is Paleo Night. Please join us at Urban Pl8 for a delicious four-course paleo meal (just $25!).I’ve got the following peeps in to join us for dinner: Lis, Sam, John DeG +1, Kenley, Donice, Dan, Alison, Uran… anyone else? We can add more by 5pm, just let Lis know! Reservation is at 8:30. If you want to carpool, be at the gym at 8.

July 4th Holiday Schedule

CFM will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th. The 6 and 7 am classes will also be cancelled on Thursday, July 5th. All other classes next week will be held as regularly scheduled.
We’ll post a no-equipment-needed WOD on Tuesday in case you wish to get moving on your own on the 4th.


It’s come to my attention that many of you live in high-rise condos/apartments near the gym. These places all feature great views and beautiful tall windows. BUT, that also means a lot of ambient light from street lights and daytime sunlight comes in to disturb your sleep.
We all need seven to nine hours of sleep each night in a COOL, DARK room. And I mean pitch-black dark room… no light from alarm clocks, television, night lights, cell phones, street lights, sunshine, etc. Try blacking out those windows (garbage bags and tapestries do the trick just as well as expensive curtains) and turning the thermostat down a few degrees at night and note how much better you sleep.
Supplements like magnesium citrate (Natural Calm), GABA, melatonin and zinc can also enhance your sleep. Let Lis know if you’re having issues getting a good night’s sleep and we can do some troubleshooting.

Scott recovers post-Fran

Workout of the Day – Fight Gone Bad

Three Rounds, for max reps:
1 minute wall balls 20/14
1 minute sumo deadlift high pull 75/55
1 minute box jump 20″
1 minute push press 75/55
1 minute row (for calories)
1 minute rest

Add up all reps/calories for total score.

12 thoughts on “TUES 06.26.12 FIGHT GONE BAD”

  1. For anyone who already worked out this morning or is resting today we have our Advanced Nutrition Class tonight in my office from 6:30-7:30 pm. With the Fran challenge going on right now it would be wise to start changing around some nutrition protocols. We will be talking about physiology of paleo and how to implement into your daily routine. I also have a great handout which will explain it and something you can put on your fridge to also keep yourself in check. And, free basil from my garden for all attendees. My site is: to find address and we are only 10 minutes from gym so you can go to paleo night right after.

    Going paleo took my Crossfit performances to the next level so look forward to sharing with everyone.

    PS- sorry for long post but I am super inspired by all the people who are new to Crossfit and watching you keep challenging yourself and pushing it to the max. Crossfit like anything takes time and as the yeas go on you will notice serious gains not only in your performance but in your physique, energy, and level of fitness,.

    Now I am rambling..boom Lis

  2. yikes, that photo brings back some bad memories! Fran won that round for sure. Next time, Fran…next time! (and thanks for the cool pic, Carlos!)

  3. Are people going straight from the 7:00 class to dinner tonight? I'm concerned that I'm going to kill everyone's appetite with my post-workout look/smell.

  4. Hey guys, for those of you who use the SFH Recovery Protein, just a heads up that the price of it is going up on July 1 from $50 to $60. I'm placing one last order this week at the lower price, so please let me know if you'd like to buy some and I'll get your order in at the lower price.

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