MON 04.15.13 Congrats Matt & Megan!

Quarterly Progress Checks are 4/29-5/4.

Don’t miss Quarterly Check-In week (in two weeks!) at the box as we test/retest several benchmark workouts, including your Baseline. Baseline testing will also be available both Sat & Sun the weekends before & after Quarterly Check-In week (4/27-2/28 & 5/4-5/5).
We’ll also be doing some brief goal-setting/reflection at the beginning of each class, but if you wish to put more time into setting your goals for the coming quarter, join Lis for a GOAL-SETTING WORKSHOP at noon on Sat, May 4th.

Powerlifting for Pink

This weekend, I (Lis) am competing in my second powerlifting meet north of the city at CrossFit Johns Creek. For anyone who cares to make the trek to cheer me on, or just check out a powerlifting meet if it so intrigues you, I’ll be lifting starting a little after 10a and continuing until around 2p. The three lifts are back squat, bench press and deadlift. Each lifter gets three attempts for their best lift, then we move on to the next lift. I plan to compete in the 148# weight class and set three state records. Come check it out! $5 minimum donation is requested at the door. Event proceeds benefit Paint Georgia Pink.

Congrats to Matt C/REX & Megan on welcoming their second little girl, Reagan Ellen, into the world on Saturday morning.

Workout of the Day

Every 5 min for 3 rounds: A1. Back Squat: 15-20 reps @2211 tempo, 15sec rest
A2. Weighted pullup: 4-6 reps @2112 tempo
Every 3 min for 4 rounds:
B1. Dumbbell kneeling torso row: 8-10 reps @3010 tempo, 15sec rest
B2. AMRAP Dips: As many dips as possible at 2010 tempo
C. As many rounds/reps as possible in 6 min:
3 chest-to-bar pullups
3 burpees
6 chest-to-bar pullups
6 burpees …
Then 9 of each, 12 of each, and so on, until time expires.

And coming tomorrow…

Every 3 min for 4 rounds:
A1. Push Press: 4-6 reps @11X2 tempo, 30sec rest
A2. Hang Power Clean: 3-5 reps
B. 5 rounds for time:
4 handstand push ups
8 hang power cleans 115/85#

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